XDimensional Technologies Releases Next Generation Insurance Agency Management Platform, Nexsure® v3

Nexsure v3’s innovative design enhances agency performance, while providing improved decision making, strategy development, and digital communication in a web convergent world.

Brea, CA, March 18, 2016 XDimensional Technologies, announced today, a major step forward in the evolution of its Nexsure Agency Management Platform, Nexsure v3. The platform is available in three editions, Core, Web+, Productivity+, and for the later, optional marketing services are available. Nexsure v3 upends the traditional paradigm from an inward focused management system, to a web and social inclusive management platform accommodating associated real-time workflows and work-style freedoms critical to a responsive, customer focused agency.

Rodney Gist, CEO of XDimensional Technologies states, “Nexsure v3 eschews the traditional approach to insurance agency management systems by placing business intelligence, real-time notifications, performance metrics, workflow efficiencies, email integration, and work-style freedom at center stage. This empowers agencies to leverage the value of the web convergent, cloud, and data driven world we live in today and into the future.

“Nexsure v3 debuts an entirely new user interface that insures immediate actions can be taken on real-time requests feeding-in from multiple communication channels. These new communication and action threads enable fluid real-time workflows, accelerating the pace of agency business, and accommodating varied individual user work styles. At the same time, work can originate and be managed from classical work queues.

“Nexsure v3 also reinvents email collaboration, which catapults user efficiencies via a patent pending process. Both inbound and outbound emails are 100% integrated in the platform and are automatically associated to accounts and further associated to related entities as authorized. Dragging and dropping is no longer necessary, and spam is better controlled. This feature alone provides a dramatic productivity lift that every customer and user will experience.

“Nexsure v3 further places business intelligence front and center. By keeping both users and management fully informed, improved decision making and better strategy development result. Nexsure v3 features a priority dashboard that provides real-time work status and metrics, sophisticated business performance metrics, and customer performance analytics. Now, the potential for agency performance becomes highly leveraged. This results not only in a productivity gain, but in gains of productivity multiplied by gains in strategy.”

Nexsure v3’s three editions respectively target new agencies, growing agencies, and mature/complex agencies. The Core edition provides virtually everything a new agency needs for efficient daily operations.

The Web+ edition expedites business growth and builds customer loyalty. It seamlessly integrates agency websites to the platform providing lead capture, service requests management, and automated lead/request routing. It additionally provides a full 24×7 client self-service portal, extending the agency’s value proposition.

The Productivity+ edition drives peak agency performance, greater business agility, quicker strategic decision making, and elevates overall productivity. It adds sophisticated service automation and streamlined workflows that replace manual processes, thereby freeing-up staff for higher value assignments. It includes performance assessment tools, eSignatures with workflows, a complete Document Management Suite, and customer collaboration tools. Additionally, optional Nexsure Marketing Services may be purchased to develop and deploy digital marketing strategies and campaigns.

Mr. Bob Juracka, EVP of Sales, XDimensional Technologies, states, “As a company long known for continuous innovation, we have prided ourselves on delivering a set of highly productive tools, processes, and comprehensive capabilities that yield a competitive edge for our customers. With Nexsure v3, we believe we have set a new high bar. Advances in performance assessment tools, real-time alerts, notifications, dashboards, and the introduction of work threads, keep employees aware, informed, and fully engaged. Nexsure v3 enables an exclusively ‘connected work style’ and for our customers, prospects and the industry itself, it is a game changer.”

About XDimensional Technologies, Inc.

XDimensional Technologies®, Inc. (www.xdimensional.com) based in Brea, CA, develops and markets Nexsure®, the cloud insurance agency and brokerage management system, that connects agents, carriers, brokers, wholesalers and policyholders, driving efficient business production, superior customer service, and insightful business management. Nexsure is a comprehensive, scalable, Cloud-based (SaaS) solution engineered for the Web.

Media Contact: Mark Attew, Director Digital Marketing
Phone: (714) 482-9608
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