XDimensional Technologies Announces Nexsure® Document Management Suite

Brea, Calif., December 5, 2014 – XDimensional Technologies® formally announced today the release of the Nexsure Document Management Suite, an optional component of the Nexsure Agency Management Platform. The Nexsure Document Management Suite improves agency productivity and efficiencies by reducing paper use and handling, automating workflows, minimizing errors, and speeding response time to customer requests and actions.

Rodney Gist, CEO of XDimensional Technologies states, “Our focus on agency productivity has again been demonstrated in the Nexsure Document Management Suite. This inclusive product suite streamlines agency operations by providing intelligent document workflows that reduce effort, speed work, and insure repeatable processes. It delivers a seamless environment for document management between virtually any scanning device and Nexsure over the cloud. You can scan, create work queues, process, manipulate, store, retrieve, and distribute documents with ease. The end result is a far more productive and efficient agency.”

The Nexsure Document Management Suite provides a feature rich environment that includes the ability to create inboxes for individuals or groups, control access via security, instantiate work queues, workflows, and automated processes, and drag and drop documents. In tandem with the platform’s powerful search engine, documents and information can be summoned in a moment’s notice, to complete work tasks and facilitate the delivery of outstanding customer service.

About XDimensional Technologies, Inc.

XDimensional Technologies®, Inc. (www.xdimensional.com) based in Brea, CA, develops and markets Nexsure®, the Internet insurance agency and brokerage management system, that connects agents, carriers, brokers, wholesalers and policyholders, driving efficient business production, superior customer service, and insightful business management. Nexsure is a comprehensive, scalable, Cloud-based (SaaS) solution engineered for the Web.

XDimensional’s Corporate Headquarters are located at: 145 South State College, Suite 160, Brea, CA 92821
Tel: (800) 789-2567 / (714) 672-8960

Media Contact:
Mark Attew, Director, Digital Marketing
Phone: (714) 482-9608
Email:Â mark.attew@xdti.com

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