Future Proof Growth

Manage the Entire Policy Lifecycle

As an intermediary between retail agencies and carriers, wholesale brokers have unique needs from their management systems. For example, as wholesalers work with retail agencies to help obtain coverage for their clients – often on difficult-to-place risks – they need to respond quickly to meet their retail agent and carrier partners’ expectations. With the Nexsure Insurance Platform, wholesalers can manage all their business processes and the entire policy lifecycle, including submission, quoting, binding, billing, and commissioning to future-proof growth. In addition, with retail agent relationship management, automation tools, and real-time retail agent and insured access portals built-in, we help our clients enhance their relationships and better manage their business and partnerships.

Future Proof Growth

The Nexsure Insurance Platform delivers levels of sophisticated functionality that enable you to expand from submission processing, in-force policy servicing, renewal processing, and administration to future proof your operations as you grow.

Enhance Relationships

With relationship management and automation tools built-in, you can enhance relationships, and better manage the business and user experience.

Onboard Retail Agents Effortlessly

Using efficient onboarding processes and workflows, with flexible automation of the administrative tasks important to you, you will gain more time for compelling and higher-value work. You will also be able to sign up more qualified retail agents in less time and eliminate licensing, E&O tracking, and management complexities.

Enable Your Retail Partners

Our Agent Portal streamlines business submissions, workflows and adds self-service capabilities to empower your retail agents to engage, connect, transact efficiently, and communicate with you independently, anytime. With our portal, retail agents can control, manage, process, and query information without your involvement, saving an enormous amount of time.

Close More Business in Less Time

With minimal data entry, automated workflows, plus real-time alerts, and notifications, you will be informed of responses, actions, and next steps. As a result, you will move deals along quickly and close more business, driving up the premium volume, commissions, and other revenues.

Make Informed Decisions

With comprehensive reporting, you gain insight into your book of business, your customers, and your distribution channels to make informed decisions about your business. By leveraging performance assessment tools, you can evaluate employee, distribution partner, and client workloads to see who is impacting favorably and unfavorably on profitability, time, and resources.

Improve Productivity

With built-in integrations that eliminate manual entry and a powerful dashboard with real-time alerts, notifications, and dashboards, you will stay informed and up to date. As a result, your organization can be proactive, keep ahead of the workload, and remain keenly focused on priorities driving the desired business outcomes.

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