MGAs, Program Administrators, and Carriers

Run Your Business Comprehensively

Bring New Products and Programs to Market with a Streamlined Digital Experience

From new market entrants ushering in fresh innovation to established players looking to expand or modernize products and programs, XDimensional Technologies provides MGAs, Program Administrators, and Carriers with a policy administration solution that will enable you to move quickly and efficiently while meeting the needs of your unique products and programs. Everyone is looking to attract and retain top producers with a streamlined digital experience and satisfy newer generations of producers and policyholders who have higher expectations for technology and usability. Your customers demand more than the poor user experience that legacy solutions offer.

The Nexsure Insurance Platform supports the entire policy lifecycle and workflow, including submission, underwriting, issuance, billing, and commissioning. With Nexsure, you can get to market faster, deliver superior customer service, build richer relationships, and gain better insight into your business.

Speed to Market

With deep functionality and streamlined implementations with our experienced team, you will get to market faster with new products and programs.

Improve Productivity

With built-in integrations that eliminate manual entry and a powerful dashboard that delivers real-time alerts, notifications, and essential information on quotes, cancellations, and more, your teams will be able to work more efficiently and effectively.

Enhance Relationships with Insured

Our platform automates processes and routine communications to help you enhance relationships with insureds while taking care of their more complex needs. In addition, our Insured Portal enables you to give your insureds access to information and self-service capabilities.

Enable Your Distribution Partners

Our Retail Agent Portal streamlines business submissions, workflows and adds self-service capabilities to empower your distribution partners to engage, connect, transact efficiently, and communicate with you independently, anytime. As a result, your distribution partners will take control, manage, process, and query information without your involvement, saving an enormous amount of time.

In addition, Nexsure allows you to manage the onboarding, E&O management, and license tracking for your partners.

Gain Insight into Your Business

With comprehensive reporting, you can gain insight into your book of business, your customers, and your distribution channels to make informed decisions about your business. By leveraging performance assessment tools, you can evaluate employee, distribution partner, and client workloads to see who is impacting favorably and unfavorably on profitability, time, and resources.

The Nexsure Insurance Platform has been designed to be flexible to meet your workflows and business rules and enables customized authority and permission levels. In addition, our experienced team understands the business, which translates to streamlined implementations that meet your timelines.

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No other platform offers a connected workstyle quite like Nexsure. Connect with us today to learn more and see the platform that can take your business to the next level.