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Retail Agencies

Retail agents understand the importance of the customer relationship and the need to meet the needs of today’s customers who demand instant access and service. At the same time, efficiency and cost are critical factors to every agency looking for the right agency management system to enable them to be competitive in today’s digital, always-on world.

Our solutions enable retail agencies to streamline agency operations, deliver superior customer service, build relationships, and gain insight into the business.


As an intermediary between retail agencies and carriers, wholesale brokers have unique needs from their management systems. As wholesalers work with agencies to help obtain coverage for their clients – often on difficult to place risks, they need to respond quickly and meet their carrier partners’ expectations.

With the Nexsure Insurance Platform, wholesalers can manage all of their business processes and the entire policy lifecycle, including submission, quoting, binding, and issuance, as well as all flavors of billing and commissioning to future-proof growth. With agent relationship management and automation tools built-in, including agent and insured access portals, we help our clients enhance their relationships and better manage their business and partnerships.

MGAs and Carriers

From new market entrants ushering in a fresh innovation to established players looking to expand or modernize products and programs, XDimensional Technologies provides the policy administration solution that will enable you to move quickly and efficiently while meeting the needs of your unique products and programs.

The Nexsure Insurance Platform supports the entire policy lifecycle and workflow, including submission, underwriting, issuance, billing, and commissioning. Our clients get to market faster, deliver superior customer service, build richer relationships, and gain better insight into their business.

Learn about the Nexsure Insurance Platform Policy Admin+ Edition.

Our Customers Include:

Galway Strategic Solutions
EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants