Stacie Rand, Assistant Vice President for Quality Control at RHSB Insurance

Stacie Rand, Assistant Vice President, Quality Control, RHSB Insurance, discusses how the regional broker uses the Nexsure Insurance Platform.

Can you tell us about yourself and your company?

My name is Stacie Rand. I work with RHSB here in North Texas. RHSB has been around for more than 75 years, and we’ve been on Nexsure for 16 years. My role at RHSB is assistant vice president for commercial quality control.

RHSB is a regional broker in North Texas with expansion reaching the United States and globally. We are a commercial lines broker and personal lines, and we also have employee benefits. Nexsure platform meets both our commercial and personal lines needs very well.

Can you tell us about how your agency uses the Nexsure Insurance Platform?

On the commercial lines side, it can house all of our policy information and data and documents easily in one centralized place, which allows for ease of access for us. And then also for our customers because of the client portal that is accessible to our clients.

Can you tell us about working with the XDTI Team?

I have a good relationship with XDTI. Even our president has a good relationship. And just being on a first-name basis with people you know that you’ve met face to face. Not everyone, but the majority of the people, you’ve met and formed a relationship with. I don’t know that you could go to any other one of our vendors that we have to be able to do that. And I think that speaks a lot about XDTI.