Nexsure Insurance Platform

XDimensional Technologies has been in the business of providing a comprehensive platform for managing the insurance lifecycle for over 20 years. The Nexsure Insurance Platform was designed for the cloud from the start and today offers a complete insurance servicing suite that supports the entire insurance ecosystem.

Nexsure enables a digital experience throughout the entire distribution and policy lifecycle by connecting the key stakeholders. The automation of critical workflows such as submission, underwriting, quoting, issuance, billing, and commissioning in the evolving distribution system within a single solution sets the Nexsure Insurance Platform apart from all others. With relationship management and automation tools built-in, real-time distribution partner, and client access portals, the Nexsure Insurance Platform empowers our clients to enhance their customer and partner relationships to achieve significant efficiencies as they better manage their business.

The Nexsure Insurance Platform streamlines collaboration and increases productivity across the insurance ecosystem for retail agencies, wholesalers, networks, alliances, aggregators, clusters, program managers, MGAs, and carriers. This single platform streamlines collaboration and increases productivity across the insurance ecosystem for property and casualty insurance lines of business, programs, employee benefits, and other insurance products.

Nexsure delivers comprehensive functionality, scalability, and security that meet the needs of all-size organizations. Benefits of the platform for our clients include:

  • Flexibility and responsiveness
  • Improved relationships with clients and partners
  • Streamlined processes and increased productivity
  • Insight into the business

With Nexsure, you can:


Build Relationships

The platform allow you to manage your company’s relationships and interactions with leads, prospects, clients, and partners.

Streamline Communications

The platform enables automated communications and tasks that free up staff to focus on revenue-generating activities and complex client needs.

Enable Self-Service

To meeting the needs of today’s 24/7 digital world, our insured and retail agency portals provide access to information on-demand enabling self-service and increasing satisfaction.

Gain Business Insights

Nexsure includes robust reporting and management tools that deliver insight into your business, track the workload of servicing your accounts, and manage your team’s productivity.

Manage Documents

Manage, organize, and track documents as needed for your business.

It’s All in the Cloud

The Nexsure Insurance Platform is offered as SaaS that runs in the XDimensional Private Cloud. With best-in-class datacenters for our primary and disaster recovery sites, your data will be secure and your software current.

Our cloud implements a single-tenant approach on the database level, which means your data is completely isolated from other customers. XDimensional takes care of server maintenance, deploys regular updates that enhance functionality and security of the platform, and offers 99.9% availability. We proactively monitor cloud services, perform regular security audits, and are SOC 2-certified. Our continuous integration and continuous delivery pipeline allow us to deploy application enhancements quickly and efficiently across multiple cloud environments, from development to test to production.

APIs and Integrations

Nexsure Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) is a public API that allows clients to integrate Nexsure with other business systems and create complex orchestrations across the enterprise. Our APIs are based on open standards, such as REST protocol, OAuth2 authentication, XML, or JSON payloads, so cross-platform compatibility is built-in. Customers who license Nexsure EAI can create multiple API keys with customized functionality to support different integrations. In addition, our public API includes IP address security and unique credentials for each API key.

Our Platform has established integrations with partners for risk analytics, payment processing, text and voice messaging, address verification, comparative raters, and many more.

Enhanced Security

Nexsure Enhanced Security includes a suite of services, such as Database Encryption, Email Encryption, IP Filtering, as well as the provision of additional Accounting Controls, all designed to strengthen and protect your organization against cyber threats.

In our increasingly connected world, customers can be confident in the security of our platform and the information stored therein. XDimensional Technologies performs ongoing security audits of the service environment and internal controls utilized to support the Nexsure application (performed by an independent third-party auditing firm). With Nexsure Enhanced Security, your organization will have access to review our SOC 1 Type 2 Audit Report, issued on an annual basis by our auditing firm.

Data Warehouse

With an optional Data Warehouse, you can gain access to organization data as well as data from the general ledger, employees, carriers, retail agents, insured, policies, and financial transactions. Connect the Data Warehouse with the reporting tool of your choice, and you will have an even bigger picture of your organization.

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The Nexsure Insurance Platform is a unique solution that empowers and connects the insurance ecosystem. Learn more about the edition of our platform designed for your business: