Nexsure® Agency Management Platform Phone Integration Announced

XDimensional Technologies® has announced today the release of Nexsure Phone Integration, an option of the Nexsure Agency Management Platform. Nexsure Phone Integration delivers higher standards of productivity and customer service for insurance agents and CSRs within an agency or insurance call center.

Nexsure Phone Integration delivers substantial gains through seamless integration with IP telephony equipment and leveraging smart automatic processes. Agencies of all sizes benefit from Nexsure Phone Integration, and for high volume call centers or service centers it becomes a virtual a necessity.

Nexsure Phone Integration provides a one-click launch of outbound calls from within a client record, and conversely, automatic on-screen client record retrieval activated by inbound calls.  With client or prospect information immediately available, one can anticipate questions and provide answers in real-time. Reduction of lag time associated with searching for records makes a valuable impact on customer service delivery and perception, but being on top of the situation is something clients always remember and praise.

Productivity improvements from Nexsure Phone Integration are also derived from enhanced concentration and focus, fewer clicks, better ergonomics and endurance, and reduced stress.  The kicker is that agents tend to more easily get into the zone and thereby become far more engaged and productive. As a result, users report more enjoyment from their work, which in-turn furthers the productivity cycle.

About XDimensional Technologies, Inc.

XDimensional Technologies®, Inc. ( based in Brea, CA, develops and markets Nexsure®, the Internet insurance agency and brokerage management system, that connects agents, carriers, brokers, wholesalers and policyholders, driving efficient business production, superior customer service, and insightful business management. Nexsure is a comprehensive, scalable, Cloud-based (SaaS) solution engineered for the Web.

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